Review: The TUSK Karambit

The TUSK Karambit was designed by Jack Richland of Black Scout Survival, and produced by renowned bladesmith Dave Wenger of Wenger Blades. This particular model features a limited edition sniper veil coating, one of two made.

The knife has a distinct feature known as cocktail feathers, these are the two prongs on the spine of the blade. They are used to aid in grappling and to catch the skin or clothing of your opponent. The blade length is 3 inches. It is slightly curved and features a modified tanto tip. The ring is also enlarged so the knife can be used while wearing gloves.

The karambit can be a devastatingly effective weapon. However, training is imperative. Without proper training, this knife is harder to use than a conventional one, and you’re more likely to harm yourself in the process. I carry this primarily because it’s legal in New York State, and more specifically New York City. However, I would warn any readers carrying knives in NYC. Regardless of what the laws state, you can still be arrested. I knowingly understand the risk I take carrying the tools I have on my person.

That being said, Jack and Dave absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark. Since the initial release, they have produced a number of different models pictured below. If you have an interest in purchasing one, Jack is expected to have another run coming at the end of this summer. So be sure to keep your eyes on Black Scout Survival and their Instagram page @blackscoutsurvival.